Dear Delegates,
Honorable Guests,

My name is Dimitris Christoloukas, I’m currently an undergraduate student in the University of the Aegean, at the Department of Mediterranean Studies studying International Relations. This is going to be my 3rd consecutive year in ThessisMUN, in the 2nd Committee of the United Nations General Assembly, and my 10th overall MUN experience. Due to this experience I am quite confident in saying that some of my most valuable memories and friendships have come through hard debates and great elaboration on every aspect a simulation can give to someone. From the very start of this journey I’ve learned many and various things, met so many great people and got to know so many interesting characters. Through communication and collaboration, we learn to express and address ourselves in multiple, complex and formal ways, elements highly-required for a wide variety of scientific careers. Personally, I really like to study on trade relations and energy policies, because of the big variety of different relations they build between nations.

The 2nd Committee of the General Assembly of the United Nations, the Committee on Economic and Financial Issues is one of the major sub-bodies of the GA and a quite crucial as it is one of the world’s greatest mean of questioning and elaborating on topics such as the financial crisis and more. Furthermore, the decisions of the committee have a major role in forging international policies and strategies as they apply on the arterial system of the modern word, the financial flows of globalization. I am quite excited to be a part of this year’s ThessisMUN as I believe it is one of the greatest experiences anyone could get, and I promise it to be an unforgettable simulation for our delegates. Me and my (our) President Mr Triantafyllos are more than happy to have you with us.