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Committee of Ministers: Secretary General

Esteemed ministers,

My name is Hercules Aravidis and it is my greatest pleasure to welcome you all to ThessIsMUN 2018 and more specifically to our Committee the Council of Europe. I am 21 years old, born and raised in Piraeus and an undergraduate student in his fourth and final year in the University of Peloponnese in the faculty of Political Science & International Relations.

My first participation in a simulation was in the first year of my studies and ever since they have been a part of my life. Being a delegate in all those simulations has advanced my skill set and has challenged me more than anything ever before. In addition, meeting all these wonderful people in Greece and abroad has offered me a ton of new friends and introduced me to different ideas and beliefs. After 3 years of simulations I assure you that ThessIsMUN one of the best in its kind if not the best.

So let the diplomacy games begin! Prepare yourselves for strong debates, learn how to defend your country’s policy and explore every loophole that is going to allow you to come on top. And never forget. This is above all a game. Enemies behind closed doors, best of friends outside.

Best regards,
Hercules Aravidis