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International Maritime Organisation (IMO) / Council: Vice-President

My name is Stavros-Christos Papakyriazis. I’m a recent graduate with a degree in International and European Relations from the university of Piraeus. Through my years of studies I have practiced in the fields of historical research, strategy and international law.

The MUN experience is one of the dexterities that I’ve acquired and uphold the most from my student years. The thrill of the debate, the use of the English language, the interaction with other people, the opportunity to put what you’ve learned in theory in the university to the test, that and so much more is where my passion for the MUNs lies. I participated in various simulations both in Greece and abroad and the one thing I came to realize from them is that there is always something new to learn.

That will be the main idea of this year’s IMO. The idea that it doesn’t matter if you are at beginner level or a specialist, there is always the chance to better your best. And in a committee with such a specific yet large field, we will try exactly that. The maritime law will be our bible and the tools of negotiation and diplomacy our means to an end. An end to reduce causes of conflict in sensitive naval areas all across the world through the coordination of different state interests. But you should keep in mind that the maritime law is more what you would call guidelines than actual rules. Passion, interaction and no small amount of charm will do the trick. So lets go to conquer the seven seas together my captains!