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NATO / North Atlantic Council (NAC): President

Esteemed all,

My name is Dimitra Markopoulou and I withhold a bachelor degree in the faculty of International, European and Area Studies of Panteion University in Athens although born and raised in Heraklion, Crete. Passionate and ambitious, I have special interests in Strategic Communication, Public Relations, International Affairs and Diplomacy.

In the past years, I had the honor to participate in conferences both as a delegate and as a Chairperson, which taught me and helped me develop a lot of important skills concerning public speaking, debating, persuading and most importantly listening. I am confident to say that I am a MUN addict, since my participation in this kind of Models counts more than 5 years now and it doesn’t seem like ending. Being knowledgeable and qualified I couldn’t feel anything but honored to serve as a Board Member in the upcoming sessions of ThessISMUN 2017, in April. Having participated in last year’s North Atlantic Council as a delegate, I feel more than honored that I will serve as your President in this year’s sessions.

I feel grateful that I’ll be working with ambitious and talented people, exchanging experiences and having fun while always remaining true Diplomats and aiming on overcoming obstacles and barriers.