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NATO / North Atlantic Council (NAC): Secretary General

Dear delegates. My name is Christos Sklivanos. Though originating from Macedonia, I was born in Athens in 1994 where I was also raised. Today, I study in the National and Kapodistrian University, Faculty of Law. Being born in a military family and having spent many years in a german oriented school, I have developed a keen interest in history, foreign policy, international relations and various military factors while I speak english, german and french. Despite that, in my free time I prefer reading literature, philosophy and poetry, while I also write articles about poems.

I have first joined the MUN community back in 2015 when I participated in Thessis. Since then, I have participated in a fair number of simulations, mostly NATO and crisis related. For this year, I shall be acting as your Vice – President in a personal favorite committee. NATO relies on good knowledge of international affairs, geography, quick thinking and tactical ingenuity. In such an organization, the words of Prince Klemens von Metternich stand strong: ” Der einzige Mann, der schwer zu besiegen ist, ist der wirklich ehrliche Mann. ”. Act decisively, know your nations agenda and goals, be direct and honest and you are bound to triumph.

This will be my fourth time in Thessis and my fourth time in NATO. I will always be at your disposal for anything you might need, that much I can promise. Wish you all the best of luck and see you in Thessis.