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NATO / North Atlantic Council (NAC): Vice-President

My name is Paschalis Paschalidis. I was born in Thessaloniki, the second capital of Greece, in 1995, where I have been raised. I am currently a student of Law at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, in the last yeard of my studies. My academical interests concern the Constitutional Law, the Political Science and the organization of the States. I speak English and French. During my leisure time, I keep myself occupied with literature, poetry, theatre and cinema. 

I discovered the MUN world in 2010 and since then I can’t stop. I have participated in several simulations in Greece and Abroad, as a delegate and chairperson. All these simulations have made me think in a different way. I found out how politics work, I learned much more about international relations and international law, I improved my english. Above all, I met many remarkable people and made strong friendships that last much more than a session. 

This is my fourth time in Thessis world and I am more than excited to be a board in a really competitive Council, like NATO. I promise a great level academic simulation, as well as a great time during the debates.