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UN General Assembly – 2nd Committee: Chair

My name is Marios Tokas and I am a senior year undergraduate law student at the University of Athens. This will be my 4th consecutive participation in ThessisMun and I will be having the honor, the privilege and more importantly the pleasure to serve as the chair in the 2nd Committee of the UN’s General Assembly, the “Economic and Financial Committee.

My pleasure derives from my passion for Public International Law and, more specifically, International Economic Law as well as my previous participations in Simulations as a delegate or chair in economic oriented committees. Honestly, International Economic Law was actually introduced to me during my own journey in the fascinating world of MUNs. Since then and having as initial “driving force” my MUN experience, I had the pleasure to further develop my “relationship” by participating in the “ELSA Moot Court Competition on WTO Law” both as a team member and as a coach. In addition, I was co-head of the Organizing Committee of “ELSA Athens Summer School on International Investment Law” and member of the OC in the Athens PIL Colloquium on “International Investment Law & the Law of Armed Conflict”. In addition, I was involved into various research projects and legal clinics concerning International Investment and Trade Law. What is more, I am currently enrolled in the American College of Greece, in pursuit of a minor degree in Finance.

Thus, it is my utter belief that a successful and pleasant MUN experience can become the initial “driving force” for someone who wants to obtain further knowledge on international issues such as international economic and trade relations, to interact with different ideas and people that advocate them, and to broaden his horizon by participating in a real life Simulation of the official United Nations’ institutions. After all, there is nothing more stimulating than having the actual opportunity to debate on topics that currently trouble the international community, defend your ideas and try to find viable solutions to worldwide issues.

On these grounds, it is really my pleasure to be part of this year’s edition of ThessisMun and my co-chair Mrs. Tatiana Goudas and I guarantee that this Simulation and this Committee will be an unforgettable experience, full of heated and qualitative debate, and a catalyst in your academic life.