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UN Human Rights Council (HRC): President

Hello everyone!

My name is Georgios Christos Kostaras, although everyone calls me George and I would like to welcome you to this year’s edition of ThessISMUN! This will be my fourth time in this conference, as it has proven to be an annual diplomatic meeting of experts and country representatives but most importantly of friends. The quality of this conference derives from its excellent academic status and passionate people, thus making it one of the best in the Balkan region.

Few things about me, I was born in the beautiful city of Kavala and I study in the Department of Political Sciences in Aristotle University at Thessaloniki. Currently, I attend my last semester, hoping to complete my studies in time and then proceed with an M.A in International Conflict Analysis and Security. In the same spirit, simulations have helped me to configure my preferences and pursue my goals and as from this September I will attend my internship in the Hellenic Permanent Representation of Greece to O.S.C.E (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) in Vienna. Also, I am fond of experiencing different prospects of politics, for that reason I have completed my internship in the City Council Secretariat of the Municipality of Kavala. Relevantly, I was lucky enough to be surrounded with friends who loved our city and the idea of simulations, a collective effort which gave birth to Dialogos the 1st Simulation of the Municipal Council of Kavala. Also, the previous two years I served as a member of the Executive Board of GRAPESS (Greek Association of Political and Economic Science Students),

I attach great importance to International Organizations, because they provide a better understanding not only of our world, but also of ourselves. I have participated in more than 15 conferences in Greece and abroad during the last three years, while I managed to broaden my knowledge at International Politics, discover the academic sector that I want to follow, create concrete friendships and become more complete as a person. Subsequently, my advice is ”try to gain as much as you can from this experience”.

Along with my beautiful colleagues Georgia and Inesa, we will do everything to assist you with your preparation prior and during this mesmerizing journey and we will be at your disposal for any questions or remarks.

The best is yet to come!