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UN International Court of Justice (ICJ): President

My name is Georgios Karanikas and I have the honor to participate in the forthcoming ThessISMUN 2018 as the President of the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

With regards to my life in general, I was born in Naples, Italy and raised in Volos, Greece whilst currently I am in the final year of my studies at the Faculty of Law of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. During the last five years, I had the chance to participate as a delegate in several MUNs and Simulations, mostly in Greece but also abroad, whilst I had the chance to serve as a member of the Board and the Secretariat as well, in several simulations.

As for my life as a MUNer, I would say that it is a story that never ends. Passionate for foreign languages, especially English, I have always been interested in international law, foreign affairs and international relations as well as Human Rights and international Governance. Consequently, when I participated for the first time in ThessISMUN 2014, as my first UN Model, I figured that sooner or later I would become an MUN-addict. And so I did!

All in all, after a year as an Advocate in 2017 and now as the President of this year’s Court of Justice, I would like to challenge you to take part in an Institution, different than others. As such, the ICJ, also known as a “court of last resort”, under the meaning that examines differences between states when there is no other possible way of resolving, will give you the chance to understand the functioning of this judicial body of supreme international authority, as well as the procedure of mediating and reaching a verdict of considerable magnitude. Besides, it’s going to be a unique experience!

Last but not least, I’d like to welcome you all in the family of ThessISMUN, and assure you that my colleagues and I will always be at your disposal for every inquiry or wish of yours, in order to make this year’s ICJ, definitely unforgettable!

So let the countdown begin!