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UN International Court of Justice (ICJ): Vice-President

Hello judges! My name is Eleni Satrazani and I will have the honor to serve as the Vice- President of the International Court of Justice for ThessISMUN 2018.

I am 23 years old and last year I graduated from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, where I studied Law. Right now I am a trainee lawyer. As a student, I had the chance to participate in a lot of MUNs, mostly as a delegate but also as a member of the board. Some of my interests are theater, dancing and writing articles. I had the honor to be a member of the Organizing Committee in the first Simulation of the Municipal Council of the Municipality of Pella titled «Εν-έργω», where I also served as a President of the Council. Moreover, I am Communication Manager and columnist in “Knit2Lead, the project for the empowerment of women through fashion.

I feel glad that I eventually have the chance to serve as a member of the board in one of the most challenging committees of ThessISMUN, because it means that I will have to cooperate with many beloved friends, who excel in the field of simulations. For that reason, we are waiting for you to experience together a high class conference and also have fun! Case closed.