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UN Security Council: President

Dear all,

My name is Panagiotis Viopoulos and I have the honor to address you from the post of the President of the leading body of the whole UN system-(you guessed right!) the United Nations Security Council! I am 23 years old and by the time that we will welcome you in Thessaloniki, I expect to be a Law School graduate. Participating in MUNs and simulations in general have been my passion through all these years of my academic life and it has served as a unique way to broaden my horizons, get in touch with the complicated fields of international law and international relations, as well as to meet talented, passionate and hard-working young people. Therefore, after several simulation experiences in Greece and abroad, including four ThessISMUNs (was, is and will be my favorite), I admit that the impact on my life has been very important and above all, being a member of ThessISMUN family, either as a delegate or as board member, is the best asset that I have collected throughout all these 5 wonderful years.

Presiding over Security Council with my beloved Natalia, I am looking forward to meet young potential diplomats which are ready to be engaged with the most crucial, complicated and interesting issues that affect the international community as a whole and pose serious threats to international peace and security. Chapter VII of the UN Charter is only ours, guys!
Best regards!