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UNESCO / Executive Board: Director General

Dear all,
My name is Maria Mystridou and in this year’s ThessISMUN, it will be my pleasure and honor to serve as the Director General of the UNESCO Executive Board. I am currently a 3rd year undergraduate student in International, European and Area studies at Panteion University, Athens.

Being passionate about international relations, I have always been eager to engage in any relevant activities. To be more specific, simulations have always been an opportunity for me to directly apply my theoretical knowledge. By actively participating in debates about global contemporary issues, one is able to improve public speaking skills, gain a clearer perspective of how politics works and familiarize themselves with the mentality of a country to an extent that would not be possible otherwise.

Taking that into account, I believe that the elevated academic quality of ThessISMUN renders these discussions challenging enough to actually be rewarding.

This will be my first time participating as a board member and am thus really excited and ready to work hard along with my President and Vice-President in order to make this a memorable experience for the delegates of our committee.

Looking forward to meeting you all in Thessaloniki!

Kind regards,
Maria Mystridou