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3rd Committee of the GA

Chair: Zoi Triantou

Vice-Chair: Elena Chrysafi

Global migration and refugee crises: the mistreatment of unaccompanied minors.

Given the fact that in 2010, 4% of the asylum seekers worldwide were unaccompanied minors while in 2019, 27% of the migrant children who arrived in European countries were also unaccompanied, we believe that it is imperative for the 3rd Committee of the General Assembly to foster discussion on the status of unaccompanied children.Migrant children embark on dangerous journeys because they fled armed conflicts or persecutions in their countries of origin.However, due to irregular migration, unaccompanied minors are often found in challenging situations where there are limited ways to claim international protection themselves. Because of their child status, unaccompanied minors are also vulnerable to human trafficking, sexual exploitation, and child labour while they are often denied basic services.

Thus, through our work during the conference we aim to dive deeper into how an effective and inclusive child protection system can be structured.

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