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President: Dimitris Lolitsas

Vice-President: Paschalis Ioannidis

Crisis coordinator: Konstantinos Oikonomou

Strengthening EU-NATO relations

NATO and the European Union (EU) are essential partners who share common values, strategic interests and a majority of member nations. Members of the European Union and NATO share a commitment to democratic principles, and the respect and protection of the rule of law and human rights. NATO and the EU cooperate on issues of common interest and are working side by side in crisis management, capability development and political consultations, as well as providing support to their common partners in the
east and south.
In recent years, the two organisations have developed closer cooperation, focused on concrete results and improved security for European citizens. This ranges from cyber defence and addressing hybrid threats, through maritime security to building up the capacities of partners beyond the borders of the Alliance.

Currently, NATO and the EU are cooperating on more than seventy measures, including:
• Measures to bolster resilience to hybrid threats, ranging from countering disinformation to civil

• Operational cooperation including in the maritime field.

• Cooperation on military mobility in order to ensure that NATO forces can cross borders faster
and more easily, when needed.

• Cooperation to ensure that our capability development efforts are coherent and mutually

• Exchange of information on cyber threats and the sharing of best practices on cyber security.

• Parallel and coordinated exercises.

• Efforts to support the local capacities of partner countries in the sectors of security and defence.

• Promoting the role of women in peace and security

Close cooperation between NATO and the EU is an important element in the development of an international "comprehensive approach" to crisis management and operations, which requires the effective application of both military and civilian means.

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