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Paschalis Ioannidis

Paschalis is a fourth – year law student at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Faculty of Law. His legal interests range from Public and Private International Law, to Financial and Corporate Law. He constantly builds up his theoretical and practical legal skills, whereas, during his Law School’s curriculum, he has selected a series of courses associated with the aforementioned branches of the Law, such as International Humanitarian Law, International Human Rights Law, European Commercial Law, European Procedural Law, Comparative Law, Diplomatic History and others.PASCHALIS IOANNIDIS

During his law school years, Paschalis has participated in a series of MUN conferences. In May 2019 he participated in his first MUN conference, ThessISMUN 2019. This was a unique experience for Paschalis, and a huge opportunity for him to start sharpening his social skills, his use of the English language and his knowledge about the international law. In October 2019 he participated in Rhodes MRC (Model Regional Cooperation), in which he played as the delegate of Poland in the North Atlantic Council, alongside his colleague and friend, Dimitris Lolitsas. They worked as a team and managed to get awarded with an honorary mention.

Paschalis also participated in LIMUN 2020. More specifically, he participated in the simulation of Bandung Conference, a historical committee about decolonization. In LIMUN, he had the opportunity to work with his co-delegates and friends, simulating the solution of serious problems that had concerned the developing countries in the 50’s and the 60’s. In December 2021 took part in the NATO’s simulation of Thracing on MIC (Model International Crisis), representing Turkey in the North Atlantic Council. In this conference Paschalis sharpened his communication and negotiations skills, managing to turn the tides on his favor and winning the Best Delegate Award.

In October 2020 Paschalis, alongside with a team of fellow law students founded United Nations Society AUTH, a Union made by students for students interested in Diplomacy, International Relations and the International Law. The Union is mostly focused on preparing and training the Faculty’s MUN teams, which represent our Law School in Greek and International UN Simulations. As the Secretary General of UNSOC, Paschalis is responsible for digitally managing the entirety of UNSOC’s internal and external paperwork affairs.

Moreover, Paschalis has worked as the Head of the Press Office of the Municipality of Lagadas from February 25 to October 25, 2021. His responsibilities, during this period, were the compilation of the Press Releases and Announcements of the Municipality of Lagadas. He also carried out, in close cooperation with the Mayor, the management of the communication and journalistic part of the activities of the Mayor’s Office.