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International Court of Justice

UN International Court of Justice


About the Committee

Established in 1945 by the Charter of The United Nations, the International Court of Justice is the primary judicial organ of the United Nations. Contrary to the rest of the United Nations organs, the International Court of Justice is the only one not located in New York since its headquarters are in Hague, Netherlands. Its functioning is based on the Statute of the International Court of Justice, a text annexed to the UN Charter which is considered to be an integral part of the latter. The Court has a dual role. It can judge a case after the request of a State involved in a dispute and it can also publish an advisory opinion on a topic after the request of a UN organ. Its Jurisdiction applies to all the States that have signed the UN Charter however a non-member state can also take advantage of its jurisdiction using the procedure set in article 93(2) of the Court’s Statute.




The Board

Konstantinos Oikonomou, President

Loukia Salagianni, Vice-President

Katerina Papazoglou, Advocate