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Kostas Manikas, Vice-President of International Maritime Organization

Kostas Manikas
Vice-President of International Maritime Organization

Konstantinos Manikas was born and raised in Thessaloniki. After graduating from the 1st Experimental High School "Manolis Andronikos", he enrolled into the Faculty of Law at the Aristotle University, where he now studies as a second year undergraduate student. For the academic year 2022-2023, he was elected as the treasurer of the United Nations Society of AUTh. His great interest in Model United Nations conferences is needless to be proven, having participated in multiple conferences as a delegate (Thessaloniki MUN 2018 Special Political and Decolonisation (as Italy), Aristotle College MUN 2019 Human Rights Council (as Portugal and as an ambassador of the delegation) Honorary Mention Award, Thracing On Model International Crises 2021 (as Spain) Future Diplomat Award, ThessisMUN 2022 Security Council (as Ukraine and ambassador of the delegation), LyonMUN 2022 NATO (as Holland), RhodesMRC 2022 OSCE (as France) Future Diplomat Award). In December 2022 he will chair as the Secretary General of UNGA at Thracing on MIC 2022 in Komotini (7-11 December) and in October 2023 in RhodesMRC 2023 as well. He is an alumnus of the Future Leaders Exchange program (High School level) of the Department of State of the USA for the academic year 2019-2020.