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Alexia Papailiopoulou, Secretary General of NATO’s North Atlantic Council

Alexia Papailiopoulou
Secretary General of NATO’s North Atlantic Council

Alexia has the honor to be serving as the Secretary General of NATO’s NAC for this year’s honorary 20th Edition of ThessISMUN. She is 21 years old and currently in her 4th year of Law Studies at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Her passion for MUNs lighted up at high school, where she found herself in the 1st General Assembly. Since then, she has not stopped intervening in the MUN society. NATO holds a special place in her heart as she has participated in this Committee 3 times, as a delegate, as a Deputy Secretary General, and as a Secretary General, before. While imagining her future she is pretty sure she will be given the “NATO’s Veteran” award in a few years! She is delighted and excited to be part of one of the most special MUN conferences alongside great friends and she hopes to meet new, young people who will take the wheel after us. ThessISMUN 20th Edition, here we come!