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Nikolaos Tsironis, Chairperson of 1st Committee of the UNGA

Nikolaos Tsironis
Chairperson of 1st Committee of the UNGA

Nikolas Tsironis is a recent graduate of the Faculty of Law of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and a trainee lawyer. His passion for MUNs began in the first year of his academic life and has been channeled not only into his constant presence and participation in similar conferences from all positions but also into the establishment together with his friends of the first MUN society of his university. He is passionate about Public Law and Human Rights, he speaks English and French, and in his free time, he deals with traditional dances. Through his participation in ThessISMUN 2023, he aims to give the participants the best MUN experience that they can have and give them the chance to feel and live as a real diplomat for 5 days.