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Kostas Stavropoulos

Curriculum Vitae of Professor Kostas Stavropoulos

Mr. Kostas Stavropoulos(†) graduated from the Law School of the University of Athens and has studied at the New York University (M.A.) in International Law and Economics, and at the Heidelberg University where he completed his thesis (Ph.D.) on International Law and Human Rights.

He was a Special Advisor on Greeks Abroad and Institutional Networks at the Greek Ministry for Foreign Affairs and he continues to be a Research Fellow and an advisor at the Greek Centre for European Studies at the Foundation of Hellenic Culture.

He was the author of many studies and articles published in international scientific journals, in newspapers and other publications. He participated and has represented the Greek Government in international committees, organizations, seminars, symposia and conferences and was a member of international committees of Greece for the European Union.

He taught on European law in professional associations and the National Centre of Public Administration, and was also a visiting Fellow at the University  of Macedonia in Thessaloniki.