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Committee of Ministers: Secretary General

Esteemed delegates, 

My name is Danai Vouziou, I am 21 years old and I am on my 3rd year of studies at the Faculty of Law of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. As far as my academic interests are concerned, I have a passion for human rights’ protection either on a national – constitutional or on an international level. I also speak fluently English and French. Apart from the human rights, my other love is music since from an early age I sing and play the guitar and I am currently on my 3rd year studying Monody (classic singing).

Being raised and going to school in many different places in Greece and abroad (Belgium and USA) and considering myself a romantic soul, I was always attracted to meeting new people from different cultural backgrounds and discussing social issues. So as a newcomer in ThessISMUN2017 I really found my joy! Ever since then, I have participated and overachieved as a delegate several times until this year’s ThessISMUN, where I will have the honor to be serving as the Secretary General of one of my favourite humanitarian committees, the Council of Europe. I am determined to do my best along with my fellow board members of CoE in order to fulfill you with worthy experiences, cooperation and negotiation skills, food for thought and of course, a lot of nice memories!

Looking forward to meeting you all in person, Danai.