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UN Human Rights Council (HRC): President

Esteemed all,

My name is Danai Georgiadou and I have the honor to serve as the President of the Human Rights Council in ThessISMUN 2019. I was born and raised in the beautiful “co-capital” of Greece, Thessaloniki. Currently, I am in my third year of studies in the University of Macedonia in the faculty of International and European Studies. I can speak both English and French and multi-tasking is my profession as I am constantly working on different projects.

Diplomacy, foreign affairs, and human rights have always been my passion and, thus, my MUN journey started in my high school years. Since then I have been a part of a variety of different committees representing countries from all over the map. And yet, my footsteps lead again and again to the Human Rights Council. They may say that HRC is all about butterflies and love but, trust me, it is one of the few committees that can give you back your faith in humanity.

I am looking forward to meeting you all. Till then, I and my beloved co-chairs remain at your disposal should anything occurs. Prepare yourselves for a memorable conference!

Best regards!