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UNESCO / Executive Board: Vice-President

Dear delegates,

My name is Erato Fessatidou, I am a 2nd year undergraduate Law student at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and during ThessISMUN 2019 I will be serving as the Vice – President of UNESCO Committee. As a high school student I had a great passion for english debate and oratory in general, which resulted in my participation in numerous national and international sessions of the European Youth Parliament. Now, I still have the opportunity to cultivate further my interest for international law and international relations through my participation in multiple MUN simulations and similar conferences both as a delegate and a Board Member. With ThessISMUN 2017 being my first ever MUN experience as a delegate, I feel major gratitude and excitement for my role in this year’s conference and I seek to bring out the best.

Stepping into a diplomat’s shoes for these five days can prove to be a valuable experience out of which you end up learning not only about the conflicts of the international community but for yourself and your personal skills as well.

I look forward to meet passionate young people with broadened horizons, ready for some productive brainstorming and ready to gain the most from this journey. And with that being said,

Welcome to UNESCO!!!