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Committee of Ministers: President

Aikaterini Fragkouli was born and raised in Athens, Greece where she studies Political Science and Public Administration at the National and Kapodistrian University, specializing in Public and Administrative Law. She considers herself to be a sensible, spontaneous and hardworking person with various hobbies such as reading books, traveling, swimming and watching European cinema.

Her MUN journey dates back to 2017 and the experience had her mesmerized from the very first moment. This was only the beginning of a long and challenging journey since, after that, she had the chance to participate in several MUNs in Greece both as a delegate and as a member of the Board.

Curious about the complexity of international relations and passionate for English, she has always been interested in foreign affairs as well as Human Rights. Her experiences led her to the belief that through the participation in conferences one is given the opportunity to attain a better understanding of the International political environment, broaden their horizons, form their values and develop their character. Moreover, MUNs comprise and environment where you can communicate with people who share your interests and you have the opportunity to create concrete friendships and memories that last for a lifetime as well.

Last but not least, she would like to welcome you all in the family of ThessISMUN and assure you that along with her colleagues, they will always be at your disposal for every inquiry or wish of yours, in order to make this year’s Council of Europe an experience worth remembering!