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NATO / North Atlantic Council (NAC): Vice-President

Anastasios Koumpogiannis was born in Rhodes and is currently residing in the small island of Kos. He is currently awaiting to receive his degree in the Department of Mediterranean Studies- International relations and Organizations of The University of the Aegean. He considers himself tenacious, hard-working and having a humorous personality. Personal hobbies include reading historical books, watching vintage movies and conducting sports activities, especially football. Academic interests vary from political strategies in the Eastern Mediterranean Area and the Middle East and de-escalation of imminent security crises.

His participation in the Model United Nations started in 2016 and since he has participated in 10 conferences across Greece, as a delegate and a chairperson as well. His opinion is that these conferences are a great opportunity to gain knowledge on the international system and the ways it works, achieve accolades and the most important thing, meet new people with different personalities and have everlasting friendly relationships. 

ThessisMUN is providing the exact same experiences and in its 19 th installment, Anastasios along with his colleagues, Iosif and Stavros, are awaiting you for an unforgettable experience in the NATO committee of ThessisMUN 2020.