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UN General Assembly – 2nd Committee: Chair

Ioannis Aslanidis was born and raised in the beautiful city of Thessaloniki, where he is currently an undergraduate student at the Department of Economics of the University of Macedonia. Although he studies finance, his second passion is diplomacy, an inclination he discovered he had as of his first participation at a simulation of the United Nations, after which he continued his involvement in as many conferences and simulations as he could.

He aspires to work for the institutions of the European Union, or even better for the United Nations as a diplomat. In his free time he totally enjoys watching films and dive into deep conversations with his friends, while you can literally find him with his headphones on any time, as he is obsessed with listening to music. On the contrary, if you cannot find him at all, then he must be somewhere abroad since he finds trips one of the reasons for his existence.

However, and most of all, what he cannot resist is debating. That being said, this year he will have the utmost honor to serve as the Main Chair of the 2nd Committee of the General Assembly (a.k.a. ECOFIN) for ThessISMUN 2020!