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UN International Court of Justice (ICJ): Vice-President

Daphne Farmaki is the Vice-President of the International Court of Justice and was born 20 years ago in Athens, where she still lives. She is an undergraduate student in the Law school of Athens, filled with compassion, curiosity, and optimism. She is particularly interested in philosophy, commercial law, and international relations. The latter led her to complete this year an internship in the Greek ministry of foreign affairs.

She speaks fluently English, German and French and preoccupies herself with all manner of issues. Her adventurous MUN journey began in high school and since then, it became a habit and a passion. She has participated in numerous simulations in Greece and abroad, both as a delegate and a student officer and has worked on many issues, particularly disarmament, international security, and international courts. When she is not debating or arguing passionately on political issues, she enjoys theatre, cinema, storytelling, and literature.

Having participated in many simulations of ICJ but also ECHR, she cannot wait to experience the most challenging and interesting committee of ThesssisMUN 2020 and meet all the judges. See you in court!