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UNESCO / Executive Board: President

Tzortzi Moutsodemi was born 22 years ago at the historical center of Argyrokastro, a town included in World Heritage Lists of UNESCO, but he is raised, and lives, in Piraeus. He considers himself a highly communicative and hardworking person with several hobbies, such as reading books, watching tv series and traveling and walks with friends. He is currently studying at the Faculty of International and European Studies of the Department of Political Science at the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens. His academic interests include conflict resolution, international security, human rights, and climate change, while his undergraduate thesis is a critical assessment of the two maritime military operations of the European Union.

Furthermore, he has attended Journalism seminars and since 2016 he is writing about several topic areas, including international relations. He has, also, occupied himself with the organization of simulations and conferences, all while holding down multiple part-time jobs. During ThessISMUN 2020 we will have his internship at a research institute.

Tzortzi had his first model simulation experience in 2017, since then he has been a part of a dozen simulations all around Greece, having the opportunity to further cultivate his academic interests, broaden his horizons and acquire fluency in English, while making great friends and amazing everlasting memories. Therefore, he encourages each and every one of you to enjoy these five days and try to gain as much as you can in every level, personal and academic.

In this year’s ThessISMUN, which will be his third one, he will have the honor to serve as the President of the Executive Board of UNESCO, a committee with an up-to-date and exciting agenda.

Concluding, he is looking forward to meeting you all and share a wonderful experience. Till then, he wants to assure you that he and his beloved co-chairs will always be at your disposal should anything occurs, both during your preparation and conference.