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UN Secretary General: Danai Georgiadou

Born and raised in the beautiful Thessaloniki, Danai Georgiadou is a 4 th -year undergraduate student at the University of Macedonia in the Department of International and European Studies. She is more than honored to serve as the Secretary-General for ThessISMUN 2020 and she hopes to offer you an unforgettable experience.

She entered the world of MUNs in her high school years and since then she has participated in numerous simulations both in Greece and abroad. Her experience in a variety of committees has created a general passion for international affairs and has broadened her interests from disarmament and collective defense to human rights and cultural diplomacy.

Danai loves to be challenged and she has always something on her agenda to do. She hopes that her multifaceted experience -both work and voluntary- will help her create a warm and challenging environment for you to develop yourselves while exploring the intriguing world of diplomacy and international affairs.

Her advice to you is: don’t be afraid to express yourselves, your thesis is our “thessis”.